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Providing digital solutions for legal professionals, law firms, and the general public.

MeroAdda.com, under SiliconHire Pvt, develops digital products for legal professionals, offering free legal consultations for general users and a bridge of verified lawyers in Nepal. It enhances firm management and develops software for case management and billing by Partnering with law firms and lawyers.

MeroAdda also provides corporate services and promotes legal awareness through social media, fostering access to law and justice in Nepal.

MeroAdda Homepage ~ www.meroadda.com

Fresh UI & Improve User Experience.

YetiStudio revamp the MeroAdda’s design to improve user experience, modernize aesthetics, and strengthen brand identity, ultimately improving engagement and supporting continued growth to added company value. We provide wireframes, design sketches, and conversion files to the MeroAdda development team, utilizing Personas, empathy mapping, and User Journey. The following are key objectives for this redesign:

Enhance User Experience

Improve navigation and accessibility to ensure a seamless and intuitive user journey.

Modernize Aesthetics

Update the design to reflect contemporary visual trends and create a more visually appealing interface.

Optimize for Mobile

Ensure the design is responsive and mobile-friendly to accommodate users accessing MeroAdda on various devices.

Improve Performance

After completing entire process, increase visitor interaction and encourage repeat visits from returning users to the portal.

  • Context

MeroAdda offers free legal consultation via Q&A between users and licensed lawyers, creating a diverse pool of legal experts accessible to the public. These pages were crafted for the new launch meroadda.com ↗

  • Problem

MeroAdda has faced challenges with limited user engagement due to an unaligned design, struggled with comprehensive legal expertise, resulting in a gap in the available services offered, struggleed mobile adopts.

  • Role

Crafting a modern, user-friendly design for MeroAdda, focusing on enhancing user engagement and easy navigations, improving accessibility, and ensuring optimal user journies across all small to big devices.

Research – Survery – UX Study

Wireframe & User flow

By gathering insights, we ensure designs are user-friendly and aligned with audience preferences.

MeroAdda Wireframe Process1
MeroAdda Wireframe Process2
MeroAdda Wireframe Process3

Discover – Explore – approach

Visual Design

We explore diverse design patterns to create visually captivating designs that resonate with our audience.

MeroAdda Design1
MeroAdda Design2
MeroAdda Design3

Design Audit – Performance Remarks

PostLaunch Testing & Updates

After crafted a design and before conversion, we conduct a thorough design audit followed by A/B testing and completed necessary updates. This ensures that our design meets the desired standards and remains effective in delivering the intended user experience. Through post-launch testing and updates, we continuously refine and improve our design to adapt to evolving user needs and preferences.