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KROMJA is a luxury Tibetan wool rug manufacturer established in 2015. Our rugs are custom and handmade using traditional weaving techniques in Nepal. It takes an average of four months for our artisans in Nepal to craft a rug.

KROMJA’s ethos as a company is based on the relentless pursuit of quality. Every single rug crafted by the company is overseen by the founder, Purna Kromja, who heads the production team based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Everyone in the company, from professionals at the in house design studio to the time honored artisans like spinners, weavers, and dyers endeavor to create the most desirable rugs in the world.

KROMJA caters to the custom rug building experience. Although we don’t stock rugs, and craft exclusively to your designs, our in house designers can help you create a rug that is per- fectly tailored to your requirements. They are ever present for recommendations and sharing their experiences for the best outcome of your design. We also have an extensive array of de- signs which can be adapted to your liking in terms of colors, shapes, sizes, yarns, patterns, piles, and knots. The company has a very creative bespoke service team as well. It will adhere to all the imagination and distinctions you may have in terms of techniques, materials, geometry, and other variables; helping you realize your own special rug.

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