Is Your Website A Product? A Design Perspective

Product Design Planning & User Persona

When designing a product, various factors and attributes such as frequency of use, data architecture, client participation and interaction, user-friendliness, and ecosystem product must be considered. Let’s quickly differentiate between website and product designs. Is a website a product? Absolutely not! When creating a product, we are genuinely concerned about its attributes and scope, aiming to deliver an outstanding design from conception to the finished product.

Website a product

Figure: What is a website?

– Is a Website a product?

– A Website Is Not a Product?

Some Attributes of a Web Product:

  • Frequency of Use
  • Direction of Data and Content
  • Navigation and Participation
  • Pages or Flows
  • Presence of Accounts
  • Beyond the Browser
Website A Product

Figure: Design Process

Consider a fantastic bakery cafe named Nanglo, known for its fabulous bakery items and efficient delivery services in town. While Nanglo has a website where customers can visit to obtain phone numbers for orders and check daily specials, the website primarily functions as a brochure. It offers limited customer interaction, mainly browsing content rather than engaging with features like signing up for newsletters or contributing content. Nanglo’s website:

  • Suits the bakery’s business needs well
  • Displays daily product items
  • Serves as a brochure, not a product

So, Nanglo’s website is not a product but may be utilized like one. For instance, imagine Hari Bahadur, the owner of Nanglo’s, who utilizes a web product daily to manage his online business presence, communicate specials, and build customer relationships.

Behind the scenes, Nanglo’s brochure-like website employs a web product. Hari Bahadur, as the owner, utilizes this web product to manage online business presentations, communicate specials, and build business reputation and customer relationships.

While we may use the same web-browsing devices to access both a website and a web product, there are significant differences in features, functionality, intent, and design that should influence our approach to design. Therefore, the question is, is a website a product? is answered through this blog.

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