The Ultimate Guide To Graphic Design Internship In Nepal

The field of Graphic design keeps changing every day; it is the art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books. For those in Nepal who want to be future artists, it is important to acquire the practical skills necessary for the design industry. You can find many Graphic Design Internship programs in Nepal.

In this blog, we will discuss how we can shape our careers in Graphic design through proper internship openings and we will also learn about how to apply for an internship program in any company.

Graphic Design Internship in Nepal

Figure: Graphic Design Tools

Finding Graphic Design Internship Opportunities:

1. Researching Companies:

Start researching firms in Nepal offering internship programs in graphic design. These may be either companies related to your dreams or any project advertisement agency including eSewa, Khalti, Yeti Studio, IMEPay, Foodmandu, Daraz, etc.

2. Online Job Portals:

Check out job websites and internship databases such as Merojob, JobsNepal, internship, etc. You’ll usually find various internship programs in the creative sector which many are unpaid. However, some companies provide allowances as well as salary during the internship period.

3. Networking:

This is the crucial phase in which we can extend our network with experts in the area of graphic design whether personal or professional; by using leading social media platforms like LinkedIn, and participating in industry-related events, workshops, and seminars to get connected to potential employees.

graphic design internship in Nepal

Figure: Graphic design sketching process

Applying for Internships:

1. Make Your Portfolio: You can make a portfolio in Dribbble and LinkedIn and build a professional portfolio that exhibits the best of your graphic design arts—logos, types of branding, and various illustrations. Consequently, you can tailor your work portfolio to underscore your competencies and experience pertinent to the given internship program.

2. Build a Strong Resume: You can make a resume with up-to-date trends that will concentrate attention on your skills, education, and any past activities in the field of graphic design. You have to adapt your resume to fit each separate internship you are applying for so that it looks appropriate for the assigned role.

3. Write an Effective Cover Letter: In this column, you can write a statement of intent concerning why you wish to work as an intern at our company. The report card relates your objectives to the internship position in the particular company.

Making the Most of Your Internship Experience will achieve:

1. Be Proactive: Initiate questions, seek opportunities to contribute to projects and initiatives within the company, and participate in different tasks and programs. Seek feedback from mentors and supervisors to improve your skills and performance proactively.

2. Learn and Adapt: Always keep an open mind during the internship and learn new tools, techniques, and processes. Try and adapt to the company’s flow and culture as well as show the thirst for learning and being a better graphic designer.

3. Network and Build Relationships: Establishing your network with people who know the ropes at the company is a valuable experience. Additionally, as a graphic designer, you need to collaborate with different individuals who are experts in their field and maintain a healthy relationship with them.

Finally, a graphic design internship opportunity in Nepal will give you the necessary practical skills insights into jobs available prospects, and connections that will jump-start your career. By applying this approach on how to maximize the internship experiences, upcoming graphic designers can well prepare themselves for a fulfilling journey through the industry until 2024.

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