BiographyVerce Intro

Blog Background

BiographyVerce is an online platform that lets you take a deeper insight into some of the most influential and inspirational people in the world.

Design Brief

Since the blog is focused on biographies, the identity design should have an academic feel and be inspiring. It should be able to scale across different display sizes hence needing to be minimalistic, and timeless so that it can be used on different sizes of displays.

Blog Background

The design contains a simple wordmark, in which most of the letters of “Biography Verce” have been partly cut off but only the “G” and “Y” remain in “biography”. These small changes show that things are never quite done and that there is always room left for growth and learning.

Additionally, clever letter-playing is incorporated into the design. The “O” is made for the purpose of creating a negative space image of a person. The versatility of such a design is seen in its ability to serve as a blog favicon.

The aim of the design of “A” and “P” is to have them designed such that they look like each other in a mirror except that the leg of “P” is shortened to balance visually. It may arouse suspicion of incorrect pronunciation at first, but the misuse of letters will not affect the recognition of “biography” because we are used to reading it.

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